The film “Beloved”, shot in 1970 in the now Turkish-occupied village of Karmi in Cyprus, functions as the kaleidoscope of the documentary, introducing images of that magical time, and of the island’s promising future as a filming destination: a future that was terminated abruptly by the Turkish invasion of 1974. Naturally, the memories and the emotions of whoever experienced these two important events of the seventies, along with the changes that the invasion has brought into the lives and their psyche, are weaved into the documentary.


Constantinos PATSALIDES / Film and Documentary Director 
Constantinos Patsalides was born in 1981 in Nicosia. His latest short film titled “30” was released in 2018 and is included in the Short Film Corner Market, catalogue of Cannes (14-19 May 2018).
For the next two years, he will be among the members of the Board of Directors of the Association of Film Directors in Cyprus (Film Representative, March 2017-2019).
Since 2001, he has worked as a cinematographer for television channels broadcasting all over Cyprus. In addition, he has worked for the Cyprus Radio Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) and he has participated in many television productions and documentaries. In 2015, he directed a long documentary film (creative documentary) called “Beloved Days”, which is marking a significant success for Cyprus’s standards. In April 2016, it was screened in K-Cineplex cinemas across Cyprus and was classified as the first Cypriot documentary ever to be featured among commercial films in K-Cineplex. “Beloved days” was awarded for Best Documentary by the Mumbai Film Festival jury, and a special screening was held in London and in Brussels, at the European Parliament.
In 2007 he undertook the direction of a documentary titled “A true story”, about the wretched living conditions of the people in Kenya. The documentary was nominated by the European Parliament Office in Cyprus for the Journalism Prize. In 2008 he directed a documentary about illegal immigration, titled “Hope against desperation”, in co-production with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. He has given seminars in the University of Cyprus and Frederick University, on creative and video documentary.
Since 2008 he is one of the fundamental members of the freelance documentary company “Walking Around the World”.
His films have been screened in many international film festivals in Spain, Sweden, India, Greece, USA, Cyprus and Alexandria and have been theatrically released in London, Hungary and Cyprus.
“30” (2018, narrative short 15’) 
Beloved Days (2015, creative documentary 75’) 
Hope against “Hopeless” (2008, short documentary 45’) 
• A true story (2007, short documentary 30’)
World Distribution
• 2017 BELOVED DAYS Awarded creative documentary (Distribution by 10FRANCS, France)
• 2014-2017 HOPE AGAINST HOPELESS Awarded TV documentary (Distribution in USA by FILMSMEDIA GROUP New York and TETRAKTYS in Cyprus)
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